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This is the exciting part. Your website is the showroom of your business, where you can show off your skills and particular areas of expertise, your occasional flashes of brilliance. When you have a website you have a window for the whole world to look into, so here's your chance to be as good as you can get, and let the whole world know about it!

You will be the proud owner of your own Internet showcase, a user-friendly website which has all the additional recommended and statutory pages that search engines and organisations like to see (these pages are: 404 Error page, About Us, Contact US, Disclaimer, Help, Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, which all have standard content already supplied but which can be edited to suit your own purposes). These extra pages show you mean business and will give you a better ranking in the search engine results. This provides an 8-page website as basic; all web pages are linked to all the other web pages with one click (search engines love that as well).

That is the basic package; of course, you can have as many web pages as you like in your website, but it needs to be based on the most robust foundations.

Your full business website will be hard-coded with SEO from the ground up. You will specify the main search term for your site (or we can help you with that) and this will be contained in the domain name of the site and within its pages and its various meta tags and other places where these things are not seen by people but which nevertheless matter to search engines. You will have an advantage from the start, as our aim will be to get your new website onto the top half of the first page of Google and the other major search engines whenever anyone types in a search query related to your main search term. (SEO is a huge subject, but we've been doing it for years - even before we had any claims to be designers - so you'll be in very safe hands.)

Your new website will also be user-friendly and responsive on all devices, from smartphones to large format screens. It is mobile-friendly and tablet-friendly; it looks equally great when viewed on desktops and laptops and in TV mode. This is achieved by writing the site using HTML5 and CSS3, the latest versions of these scripting languages. Imagine the impact your website will look when viewed on any device!

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But let's not just consider how good your website will look. Looking good never put food on the table: what about Return On Investment? If this highly responsive and tightly optimised website brings in as few as an extra 6 customers every month, how much would those customers be worth to you over the lifetime of that business relationship? Over a year that would be an extra 72 customers. What would the total value of those extra customers be over all the future years of the business?

You will need hosting. If you already have a hosting account then the site can be uploaded to that account. However, if you do not have a hosting account I have a working relationship with the major hosting services and can arrange this on your behalf. In some cases I can get you a discounted hosting account on favorable terms that could not otherwise be obtained on the high street. Good, stable business hosting need cost you no more than £4.99 a month.

You will also want your site to be SSL certificated (the much-coveted "https://" prefix). This provides a secure website in the eyes of the search engines and will in return get you a higher natural ranking in the search engine results pages. It is increasingly the case that some browsers will now have a warning on websites that do not have the https attribute, so it is essential that your site is certified in this way. The hosting I recommend does not charge you any extra money for SSL certification, unlike some hosts which have hidden costs all over the place.

If you are starting completely from scratch and have yet to decide on a domain name, contact us now. The worst mistakes are always made at the beginning; We'll guide you round them (for example, don't register a domain separately: get one included with the cost of your hosting package).



As to the layout of your website, this will follow what you need to show your prospective customers or clients. You may have the kind of business where there are lots of examples to show how good you are; this kind of website will be suitable for a landscape architect rather than an accountant. For those occupations where the end result isn't something that could be photographed, the accompanying website will resemble more of a listing of achievements. There will be a website for all industries and vocations; every activity and line of work will have a website for which it is best suited. This is why no single website can ever be the same as another, if it is to reflect the purpose and creativity of its owner. You should have plenty of content in the form of words. Search engines love words; unfortunately search engines cannot read pictures, however vivid or breathtaking they are (apart from their 'alt' meta tags, but you leave that to us). So you can never go wrong with plenty of written content. We'll help you with that as well.

We recommend having a static site with a Wordpress blog attached to it so that you can update good quality content and the latest news in your sector. There are also ways of automatically publishing and distributing this content to authority websites all over the Internet, each post with a link back to your website, which the search engines will reward you for by giving you a higher listing than your competitors. This can be done with very little effort. The content can also be posted to Web 2.0 sites and to your social media accounts, which the search engines also love (the "social signals") and which will bring you extra site visitors and more customers, both from the content posts themselves and from the higher rankings of your site on the search results listings.


There are lots of optional extras you can have on your website. You may want an email capture box and autoresponder system set up on your site to build your all-important list of your customers or clients. This database is the life blood of any business. It also needs to be compliant with the various anti-spam rules and the recent GDPR. We both use and recommend Aweber, which is the most respected third party email marketing service available. A few lines of code will insert the email capture box into a prominent place in your site, and you have an instant list and lead creator. However, not all businesses will need this, so the basic website we offer has a one-use email capture facility without the sophistication of an Aweber account, which is why it is offered as an optional extra.

Then there is SEO (search engine optimisation). This is the art/science of properly writing attributes on your website which will ensure that the search engines place you as high as possible in their results pages. If your SEO is good you will get a higher ranking, if it is poor you will not. SEO isn't quite as simple as that in its practice and procedure, but that is what it boils down to.

You need to be on page one of the search results pages for your main search term(s). Good on-page SEO, combined with strong and relevant backlinks from authority websites, will make this happen. SEO needs to be done at the start, at the same time as your website is created. It is not something that can be "bolted on" after the site has been built, a mistake which so many website owners make because they do not have the right advice at the very start. That kind of approach is remedial at best, and at worst it could get your site de-listed from the index completely when done wrong, or if it is done too strongly in an attempt to compensate for the site's original shortcomings. Our websites have their SEO hard-coded from the design stage forward, so there can be no doubt what they are about.

This is just one of the many reasons why you should seek expert help right at the start, and ideally before you even register your site's domain name (because the domain name should contain the main search term).

For all aspects of this service you will not be able to get better quality or a more comprehensive range of resources for your site for less outlay. We can guarantee that.



The Importance of Content

Let's talk about the importance of good content on your website. The website we offer you will contain all the content on the home page that you wish to put there. What also matters is that the content is quite long and extensive. Recent research shows that the average Google first page result contains 1,890 words on the home page (Backlinko, October 2018). We also want this content to be engaging, to reduce what Google calls the bounce rate, which is the tendency of a website visitor to leave the page too early because the content isn't what they were looking for, or because the user thinks they may get better information elsewhere (and you don't want your site visitor clicking away to go to your competitors!). This may involve a variety of different media to increase engagement, such as comparison tables, videos, customer testimonials, etc.

The same research study found that there is a strong correlation between a website having a secure certificate (the "https" before the domain name) and the appearance on the first page of results. This should not surprise us, as Google had been telling us this for some time! So that is the reason that your site must have this coveted secure SSL certificate. The hosting we recommend you use will give you your SSL certificate as part of its hosting plan, with no additional costs.

Web pages which load quickly also have a much higher chance of being on the first page of Google results. It's tedious for anyone to wait and wait while a web page loads, and we all know how boring it is when this happens. The chances are that if it takes too long we will just click away and look somewhere else. Google knows this, and so rewards fast loading pages with better ranking results. That's why we put an extra effort into ensuring that all our pages load quickly. Images, in particular, are the parts of a webpage which can take a long time to load, as you've probably experienced. That's why we put every image we upload through a process which decreases their load weight (not their physical dimensions, but their size in kbs) so that they load quickly on the page.

There are lots of things that we do to ensure that your website reaches the first page of the Google search results. Of course, nobody can guarantee that this happens. But if you've been involved in search engine optimization (SEO) as we have since 2002, then you can be sure that you're in good hands. We know the major metrics that Google considers when ranking websites and web pages, and we make sure that these are all covered when we build sites for our clients.



Your Website is the Showcase of Your Business

Your website is the showcase of your business. Make a list of all the things that you do brilliantly well in the course of your work. Make sure you have illustrations of this (if appropriate). Let us know about it, and we will lay all this out in your website in the best possible way. There are good ways of doing this in web design and there are better ways. We prefer the better ways. If you have written testimonials or recommendations from past or existing customers or clients then put these on your site as well (there is a space in the website's footer which is reserved especially for such testimonials - see below for examples). Your prospective customers will perhaps only have one chance of taking the decision to make you their supplier of choice. Your website will be the reason that they do that.



Example 1

A portrait of a director or key member of your business

Example 2

A portrait of another director or key member of your business

Example 3

A portrait of another director or key member of your business

Example 3

A portrait of another director or key member of your business

How to Get More Customers

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Below is the page footer. We will put this on all pages as it contains important contact information and also contains navigation to all pages in the website, which is important for SEO purposes. Now you've seen what we can do for your business. Naturally your website will reflect the things that you do and that your business can do. It will reflect your business achievements and aspirations. It will be a unique showcase of what you can provide for your present and future customers and clients. A good website can change your life.

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